Amusing story (at least to me)

Last month we ran a few emergency trainings, or mock drills. In one of the scenes, the keepers learned of a wind warning/tornado watch. Part of their task was to rescue a staff member who found himself in a precarious situation on the boardwalk.

I didn’t want to have a real person hanging over the edge, so this is Stacey (with Erin). I put clothes on him and duct taped a whole lot of bricks to him to make him MUCH HEAVIER than air.

Well, I haven’t gotten around to putting away all my supplies from the training and Stacey has been making his way around the office and startling or amusing people. Yesterday, as I was finally prepared to clean up, I was reminded of how difficult (and embarrassing) it was for me to purchase my “fake person”. I wanted a cheap, G-rated, blow-up doll. The calls I made, the Internet searches I did, the jokes I received were quite enough to make me quit, but I persevered. Of course I had to call our CFO and let her know that I really was using the Museum’s VISA to purchase a blow-up doll for work! Luckily for me, our CFO is kind and let me off the hook with just a chuckle and an okay.
As we were talking in the office, Kristen and I thought of other interesting purchases we have made. Things we never thought we would buy, places we thought we would never ever be associated with, or looks/comments we’ve gotten from people when looking at our cart.
We’ll write about that soon.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Erin seems to be good friends with “Stacey”! One day she even hung him up on the other side of a door so that every time someone opened the door they thought they were bashing someone in the face. Erin got lots of good laughs out of that one!

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