Creating a different view, for visitors AND animals

We decided a while ago that it was time to change the perches and trees out of the barred owl exhibit. Seeing as how spare time is precious around here, it wasn’t until last week that Jill and I finally got around to setting our plan in motion. We already had a nice big perching tree ready to go in the exhibit, so last Tuesday we put the tree in while doing a superclean of the exhibit. We still have more old trees to take out and replace with new ones, but so far the change looks great and the owls can now perch away from the walls, which helps them to not damage their tail feathers.

Above is a picture of Jill taking out some of the old perches while I am cleaning the exhibit.
To the right is a picture of us trying to cut the tree in order to stand it up in the exhibit. The tree was originally so large that we had to cut one of the limbs off and then connect it back once it was in the exhibit… and it still barely fit in the doors!
And, finally, the new tree and perches are in! More changes will take place in a few weeks after the holidays.

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  1. Katy says:

    The exhibit looks great…and I see the owls perching on all the new branches especially the ones near the window!!

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