Yona’s First Day Meeting our Bears.

Sherry wrote about the bear introductions already but I wanted to add some video clips to her description. For a while Yona was in the side yard with Gus but they were not interacting. Yona was exploring the features in the yard and decided to tank a dunk in the water trough. Clip 1: Yona takes a plunge Keeper Katy did some training with Gus. Here you can see and hear Katy doing “target” training. Gus gets a raisin treatRead more

A new look

Well, I know it’s been a while since I have done a blog post. But, I am finally back from my long hiatus, and wanted to update you on the improvements we have made to our farmyard. One of the last posts I did was about remodeling our education holding room, but we were also improving the outside areas at the same time. Although it’s not completed yet, all of the farmyard barns are being re-painted (in the same colorRead more

Creating a different view, for visitors AND animals

We decided a while ago that it was time to change the perches and trees out of the barred owl exhibit. Seeing as how spare time is precious around here, it wasn’t until last week that Jill and I finally got around to setting our plan in motion. We already had a nice big perching tree ready to go in the exhibit, so last Tuesday we put the tree in while doing a superclean of the exhibit. We still haveRead more

Big Word: Microclimate

This month’s Big Word of the Month is not really that big. You can probably figure out what it means even if you have never heard it used. A microclimate is simply a small area that has different temperature and/or moisture conditions than the surrounding area. Many factors can contribute to microclimatic conditions within an organism’s habitat. For instance, south-facing hillsides (in the northern hemisphere) receive more solar radiation than nearby north-facing slopes. Therefore, southern exposures tend to be warmerRead more

Creature Feature: Sponge Bob the Softshell Turtle

Sponge Bob was found as a quarter-sized baby in 1993, and was kept as a pet until he was given to the museum by his previous owner in 2004. He lives on exhibit in Carolina Wildlife, but if you visit the museum regularly there is a good chance that you may not have ever seen him before! His exhibit used to be set up differently, and he had a large sandbox that he stayed buried in the majority of theRead more