Yona’s First Day Meeting our Bears.

Sherry wrote about the bear introductions already but I wanted to add some video clips to her description.

For a while Yona was in the side yard with Gus but they were not interacting. Yona was exploring the features in the yard and decided to tank a dunk in the water trough.

Clip 1: Yona takes a plunge

Keeper Katy did some training with Gus. Here you can see and hear Katy doing “target” training. Gus gets a raisin treat every time he touches his nose to the red target. Soon Yona walks over and decides this is the kind of work in which she might be interested.

Clip2: Yona’s first day of school

The last video is a short clip of Gus and Yona “boxing”. For most of the video, Gus is being very gentle (notice that he is sitting much of the time). Near the end Gus reminds Yona he is the boss by giving her a shove. This may seem “mean” but it is important for Yona to learn her place in the pecking order. Gus had very similar experiences when he was first introduced to Mimi. Gus and Yona have continued their rough and tumble playing and we hope that Gus will continue to be a good playmate for her.

Clip 3: Yona boxing with Gus.

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  1. Leslie says:

    She looks so small compared to Gus! I have a feeling she's going to give him a hard time once she gets full grown.Great videos!

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