Photos of Erin

Erin was in the office yesterday eating leftover cake from Kristen’s Baby Shower and got some frosting on her chin. It reminded me of other amusing photos I had of Erin so I thought I’d share. The end-of-year animal department potluck features a grab-bag of presents. Some people think some of the items wrapped are not worth keeping (shocking, I know). I wrapped up a surplus saddle from one of the horses in the Play to Learn exhibit area andRead more

QuikPost: Farewell

I’ve never been good with big goodbyes but here goes. I’m leaving my post at the Museum to head south and work for Epcot’s “The Seas with Nemo and Friends” (part of this little place you might of heard of, Walt Disney World). I’ll be working as an Aquatics Research Associate with the Animal Research Team, assisting with experiments involving the residents of the 5.7 million gallon salt water aquarium at The Seas. I’m excited about working with marine organismsRead more

Big Word of the Month: Fimicolous

My wife Sandy, also a lover of big science words, passed along this month’s feature. Fimicolous is an adjective formed from Latin roots that mean “to inhabit dung” and is used to describe organisms that live in, on, and with animal waste. As animal keepers we spend a lot of time dealing with poop and you might be amazed at all the living things that utilize poop. Perhaps most famous are the dung beetles, a group of scarab beetles thatRead more

Biggest Bummer for Bloggies

I have very sad news for our faithful readers. It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Larry and Erin will be leaving their jobs at the Museum. They are heading off for wonderful new adventures, which is great for them, but will leave a big void in our animal keeping and blogging world. I am sure each of them will write farewell posts, I hope each of them will occasionally write a guest post, and  IRead more