QuikPost: Farewell

I’ve never been good with big goodbyes but here goes.

I’m leaving my post at the Museum to head south and work for Epcot’s “The Seas with Nemo and Friends” (part of this little place you might of heard of, Walt Disney World). I’ll be working as an Aquatics Research Associate with the Animal Research Team, assisting with experiments involving the residents of the 5.7 million gallon salt water aquarium at The Seas. I’m excited about working with marine organisms and conducting research, something I’ve done in the past.

I’ll miss my hard working colleagues in the Animal Department at the Museum. Even though I was always the “new guy” during my 4 years of work I enjoyed contributing to the department and helping drag some of my coworkers into this whole blogging thing. Working with animals is demanding in a way that few other jobs require and the people that do it are sacrificing comfort and financial reward to pursue a noble enterprise.

For the last ~2 years I also worked part time with the Department of Innovation and Learning doing science education and outreach. I really enjoyed working with museum folks on Periodic Tables and collaborating with researchers from Duke on the Genome Diner program.

I’ll finish with a FAQ section:

Q: Can you get me into Disney free and house my family and other relatives?
A: I can’t get you in for free anywhere but I can probably give you a cool behind the scenes tour at The Seas. I’m happy to host free loaders as space allows but please note: I do not have a pool or golf course privileges.

Q:Will you be wearing a costume of some sort?
A:No, despite my sunny disposition I have not been chosen for any entertainment duties (yet)

Q:What is Sandy (my spouse) going to do?
A:She will be the assistant manager of the Florida State Dairy Quality Assurance Lab. Yes, her job includes tasting milk, cheese, and ice cream.

Q:Do you know how hot it gets in Florida?
A: Yes

Feel free post other questions in the comment section—————————->

Keep in touch, LarryBoles(at)gmail.com

3 responses to QuikPost: Farewell

  1. wendya says:

    Goodbye, Larry, we’ll miss your erudite prose! Maybe you can do a guest blog now and then?

  2. Leslie says:

    Can you send us some more alligators? I’d like one for my office.

  3. Emily says:

    Enjoy the heat!
    You should send back “words of the month” periodically. (My favorite was amplexus.)

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