Larger habitats for smaller animals

We were able to specially design some large spaces for our smaller indoor ambassador animals (like Chinchillas). It took a team of staff and contractors to design, build, transport, and move the homes to the Museum. The racks provide storage space below and fit through doors so in an emergency we can move the whole rack (on wheels) outside quickly. Thanks to the team that made this happen!Read more

Wolf Physicals (and Transfer) Complete

Things went great Monday getting our red wolf family caught up, checked out, and transferred to NY. The catch-up was similar to our September catch-up. (Everyone wore gray for this catch… last catch we wore more blue). We learned a lot in September and made appropriate changes in the plan. We added bodies in our wall; had extra people blocking weak spots, and used windscreen instead of tarps for easier manipulation. Numerous meetings and discussions and equipment checks took placeRead more

Pupdate #18

My first thing to share is that they are not pups anymore. Full blown teenagers/mini-wolves is what we are dealing with now. Life is different! Look at them on the cliff. HUGE! Our work starts well before getting our hands on the wolves. Katy spends quite a bit of time getting records, check sheets, medicines, scales, supplies, vaccines, flashlights, spare batteries etc. ready to go and easily accessible for the work to come. Her planning and organization makes the workRead more

Spotlight: Katie Hubbard

Blog readers first learned of Katie about 20 months ago when she started as an intern. As an intern, she kept all of us giggling with her constant smiles and positive attitude. Whether we found her eating in the closet or retrieving her keys from the ceiling her positive energy always shined through. We hired her in March to join our team and her positive energy- and antics- continue. We still find her hanging out in the closet and providingRead more