Larger habitats for smaller animals

We were able to specially design some large spaces for our smaller indoor ambassador animals (like Chinchillas).

It took a team of staff and contractors to design, build, transport, and move the homes to the Museum. The racks provide storage space below and fit through doors so in an emergency we can move the whole rack (on wheels) outside quickly.

Thanks to the team that made this happen!

Here’s one of the two units.
Katie, right, with Janine and Gene strapping on of the units down for transfer
Thanks everyone for working so hard together to get this done! (From left to right: Intern Tanner, Keepers Katie, Mary, Janine and Kate, with Gene, Museum Mechanic).
The team carefully loaded the trailer and secured the new home. Keepers Kate and Kate along with Mechanic Gene and Intern Tanner walked along side our slow and deliberate transfer.
Mary on the loading dock at the home stretch of getting the units to the animals.

2 responses to Larger habitats for smaller animals

  1. Artis says:

    Is there a reason why those type of animals are not out for everyone to see

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      Great question. Our Ambassador animals’ “jobs” are different than the animals who live out and about in the habitats around campus. These animals, when not “working” get to rest behind the scenes. They come out for a variety of different programs and behind the scenes tours.

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