Pupdate #18

My first thing to share is that they are not pups anymore. Full blown teenagers/mini-wolves is what we are dealing with now. Life is different!

Look at them on the cliff. HUGE!

4 wolves on cliff
Dad on the left, then a pup. Mom is next, with a pup on the far right

Our work starts well before getting our hands on the wolves. Katy spends quite a bit of time getting records, check sheets, medicines, scales, supplies, vaccines, flashlights, spare batteries etc. ready to go and easily accessible for the work to come. Her planning and organization makes the work much easier.

Simultaneously, we’re making the plan for how the catch up will go in the exhibit. Thus far, the pups have  been in the dens when we go to catch them. That’s the expectation for the first three months. However, we’re now approaching 3.5 months old and things are different.

Dry erase drawing of wolf den in the center, with our pool and waterfall on the left and our entry gate on the right.

The expectation this morning, August 4, was we’d have to get the pups into the den (which was the correct assumption). Where people stand when the pups are in the den is in blue, while the black writing indicates how our general flow will take place. The Team did an amazing job prepping for the unknown and making decisions rather quickly during the catch when needed this morning.

This is how it looks in real life:

Keepers in wolf exhibit on den mound
Jill and Katie on the front den entry, blocking the access out for the wolves. Mary on top overseeing the work. Chris on the far left, watching the adult wolves while Autumn (can’t see her- she’s behind Chris) blocks the back den door. And, that spec of blue on the right side of the picture is Aaron preparing to take of the back doors to the den(s).

So, once we had the pups into the dens we then had to catch them up and move them to our work area. Jen got this picture off the den camera to see what it looks like inside the den when we go in to get the pups out. The net no longer works, so we used a crate for transport. We put all four pups in one crate. We are not likely to do that again as 40 Kg of pups is pretty heavy to move through the uneven terrain in the wolf yard!

person in den catching pup
Sherry in the front den bring a pup out.
4 wolf pups in crate
four pups in crate.

As already said, the pups are big. Our weighing containers still work, but the pups don’t really fit in them. Fortunately, for the most part, the pups go fairly passive once they are caught. All pups looked great today. They got their 3rd round of vaccines, weighed (all are gaining weight at a consistent rate), microchip checked, and a general look over. All of them were in great shape.  Enjoy the pictures below. The last pup health check is the end of August (around the 26) so we’ll have more news then.

pup getting weighed

Keeper holds red wolf pup
Jill holds pup #2 while Katy checks out her big ears. Pup #2 is still our smallest. She weighs 8.6 Kgs
Keeper holds three month old red wolf pup
#3 pup (notice the ear?!?) is still the largest – 11 Kg. He covers most of Keeper Autumn’s body!
Keeper Katie holds wolf pup
Keeper Katie holds pup #6 ((10 Kg) while Katy and I check out her teeth.
red wolf pup teeth
Pup #5 gets his teeth checked. His teeth looked beautiful and he weighed 10. 5 Kg today


pup getting weighed
most of pup #5 fits in the weighing container 🙂


Chris holds red wolf pup
Chris was pretty darn happy to get his first chance with the pups. Jill passed Pup # 5 off to Chris for him to oversee today.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Hello we were there today and had a great view of the pups and parents. Just wondering why we only saw 4 pups? Were there 5 before?

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      Six pups were born but only four made it past the first week, so these are the pups we’ve had for the past four months.

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