Wobble Wobble

The bears have a new structure in their yard! It looks a bit like one of the Observatory Towers in Queens, New York, only smaller. Keeper Autumn, and our amazing exhibits staff, built a “wobble tree” for the bears! It’s a food dispensing tower that’s nearly 14 feet tall. We load food onto the platform on the top, then the bears need to push or pull the tower to make the food fall out. Here’s a video of Mimi knockingRead more

Videos of Ursula

Here’s a couple of videos that were taken of Ursula over the last couple of years. in this first video, there was a particularly heavy snow that we got one winter and one of our previous keepers, Cassidy, got some video of Urse walking around and digging in the snow. Her thick coat made her seem oblivious to the cold weather and snow that was still falling at the time (you can see some of the snow on her back).Read more

Yona on ice

With the cold weather we’ve been having recently (especially in the evenings), the moat in our bear exhibit has frozen over sooner than usual. We always expect freezing of the moat to occur in late January and through February, but this winter it has happened in December! Even with temperatures now getting warmer during the day and typically melting any ice or snow on the ground, the warmer weather doesn’t necessarily thaw the ice in the moat because it doesn’tRead more

Yona’s First Day Meeting our Bears.

Sherry wrote about the bear introductions already but I wanted to add some video clips to her description. For a while Yona was in the side yard with Gus but they were not interacting. Yona was exploring the features in the yard and decided to tank a dunk in the water trough. Clip 1: Yona takes a plunge Keeper Katy did some training with Gus. Here you can see and hear Katy doing “target” training. Gus gets a raisin treatRead more