Wobble Wobble

The bears have a new structure in their yard! It looks a bit like one of the Observatory Towers in Queens, New York, only smaller.

Keeper Autumn, and our amazing exhibits staff, built a “wobble tree” for the bears! It’s a food dispensing tower that’s nearly 14 feet tall. We load food onto the platform on the top, then the bears need to push or pull the tower to make the food fall out. Here’s a video of Mimi knocking out some marshmallows on the very first day we put the wobble tree in the ground:

2 responses to Wobble Wobble

  1. sherry says:

    I know the video is “about Mimi and the Wobble tree”, however I loved watching the shadows of the bear in the brush in the back.

  2. DJ says:

    …totally missed the shadows of the bear in the brush and can now see that bear walking from those shadows up the cliff path.

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