Too busy to write

It’s been a crazy and busy week- too much going on to even sit and think. We’ve been paying extra attention to our newest members. ┬áLast week about this time I was out at Our Ancestral Farm with┬áDr. Cannedy doing a herd check on the alpacas.     My head is still spinning from the week, but I’ll share (what I can remember) from the week: Meetings, some multiple times, with 7 different contractors: 1) the fence company putting upRead more

Creating a different view, for visitors AND animals

We decided a while ago that it was time to change the perches and trees out of the barred owl exhibit. Seeing as how spare time is precious around here, it wasn’t until last week that Jill and I finally got around to setting our plan in motion. We already had a nice big perching tree ready to go in the exhibit, so last Tuesday we put the tree in while doing a superclean of the exhibit. We still haveRead more

A New Outdoor Area For Inside Animals

Spring is here and we are trying to finish work on an outdoor playpen for some of our inside animals. The enclosure used to be indoors and housed an iguana, so it needs some modifications for it to be usable outdoors. Some of these modifications include extra locks for security and replacing plastic wiring with metal so that animals cannot chew through it. It will also need some material put on it to provide shade. Once we finish that, weRead more