Preparing for Incidents

I help lead the team of staff that respond and help manage incidents on grounds. It’s a great group of folks to spend time with. We review actual incidents that have occurred, discuss situations we are concerned about, review procedures, conduct surprise drills, and more.

In the past few weeks we conducted “Emergency Jeopardy” as well as knocked out two emergency drills. TEAM ULI, my partner and Butterfly House Director, took on TEAM SHERRY in our Jeopardy style activity.

About half our Emergency Coordinator team, setting up before our Jeopardy quiz began. Brad, in the red shirt, was one of the Facilitators of the session.
TEAM SHERRY, on the left side of the table, started slow, but finished strong, taking home bragging rights

As for the drills, check out my “partner” for the surprise medical drill. I mocked up a CPR “dummy” to play the role of someone who fell off a ladder after working on some electrical items in the ceiling. The team had to respond and address the situation, while really practicing CPR.

Our other drill was a copperhead bite– I was the victim. Don’t worry, the team caught the copperhead (photo above) and I’m fine :).

My office mate for a few days.

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