The Bears- June 26.

What a lovely day yesterday was- cool and only 80 degrees- so we were worked  in the bear yard: scooping poop, weed-eating around fences, spreading food, etc. From a service road near the Butterfly House, I pruned a bunch of Russian Olive plants that had ripe berries and put them in the bear yard, along with the bear food and “fruity-ice blocks” for the bears. I happened to have a camera with me and took a bunch of photos to share. You can zoom in on each photo by clicking on it.

Yona- in full shed- licking her fruity ice block

Yona is not shedding out so elegantly, but she’s still cute. It looks like the keepers put nuts and fruit in her ice block.


Mimi picking through the Russian Olive for the ripe berries


Look closely above and you can see Yona is on top of the ice block.  A couple seconds before this photo, Mimi climbed higher to get to a different branch of berries. Then, the bottom of the Russian Olive branch lifted off the ground and whacked Yona on the side. Yona jumped up, on top of the ice block. The scene made me chuckle.

Yona joins Mimi eating the berries

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