It’s time to say goodbye.

Our male red wolf, 1369, heads out on Tuesday to his new home. I drove him to the Museum from NY and welcomed him just about 4 years ago and now it’s time to say goodbye. It’s a sad, busy, and exciting time getting him ready to head west. He’ll live in Tacoma, WA- the place I call red wolf headquarters. There is a large red wolf holding facility behind-the-scenes at Northwest Trek.

Aaron and I will be spending about 16 hours together in a vehicle getting this wolf on his way (the wolf is flying out of Atlanta so he can travel nonstop). The keepers are wondering what kind of singing will take place with Aaron and I trapped together for so long. (Maybe we’ll record something for everyone to hear).

Ranger Greg got this awesome photo of the wolf hanging out on the side of the cliff. This is how I will try to remember him

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