Wolf Update

In 5-6 weeks I hope to be writing about WOLF PUPPIES. Ranger Greg has been blogging and tweeting about what he’s seen our wolves up to. We certainly hope it’s about puppy-making. We won’t know for sure until we actually see pups since the past two years our female has gone through pseudopregnancies. We have a new male this breeding season, so with 1414 we’re hoping for some renewed hope of actual pups. Every summer I go to the RedRead more

It’s time to say goodbye.

Our male red wolf, 1369, heads out on Tuesday to his new home. I drove him to the Museum from NY and welcomed him just about 4 years ago and now it’s time to say goodbye. It’s a sad, busy, and exciting time getting him ready to head west. He’ll live in Tacoma, WA- the place I call red wolf headquarters. There is a large red wolf holding facility behind-the-scenes at Northwest Trek. Aaron and I will be spending about 16 hours togetherRead more

No Pups…

I wish I had better news to report, but alas, no wolf pups. There are things we know, things we assume, things we don’t know, and lots of opinions. The short story is there are no pups and the chance of pups is very low to nil at this point. No need to read on if you don’t want or need more information.   We know that just over 3 weeks ago, on Tuesday April 5, #1287, the female wolf, started losing hairRead more

QuikPost: Waiting IS the hardest part.

I know everyone is on edge waiting and hoping and waiting and angsting and waiting and wishing and the list goes on and on. We’re still very hopeful that red wolves 1287 and 1369 will become parents any day. Remember, however, she may not be pregnant and she may just be going through a pseudo pregnancy, which would obviously be overwhelmingly disappointing. We’ve still got a few more prime days, and we’re still hoping we’ll be pleasantly surprised. In the meantime, takeRead more

QuikPost: red wolf update

We had both the male and female red wolves off exhibit last week to try to help them more positively bond with each other. It appears that the male bit the female a few weeks ago. She recovered really well from her wound, but when you see her now on exhibit you might notice her shaved neck. If you head to the wolf exhibit, please let us know what you notice our red wolves doing. Thanks!Read more

Crazy busy and Goodbye (to a wolf)

Things have been so busy here I don’t even know where to begin. Many staff have been off- (on vacation, at a wedding, at a Bar Mitzvah, presenting at the AAZK conference) and just as we were taking Cassandra off of the critical watch list (she’s been doing great), our female wolf, 1227, was found in bad shape two weeks ago and has been recovering from her injuries off exhibit. (She appears to have suffered some abuse from her mate-Read more