Crazy busy and Goodbye (to a wolf)

Things have been so busy here I don’t even know where to begin. Many staff have been off- (on vacation, at a wedding, at a Bar Mitzvah, presenting at the AAZK conference) and just as we were taking Cassandra off of the critical watch list (she’s been doing great), our female wolf, 1227, was found in bad shape two weeks ago and has been recovering from her injuries off exhibit. (She appears to have suffered some abuse from her mate- you are welcome to ask questions about this if you want- I am happy to share more details).

I mentioned that she would be transferred and now that she’s doing better it’s time to send her to her new home at the NC Zoo. She’ll leave on September 8. She’s had her share of issues that we’ve had to deal with, including a tumor that had to be removed from her chest.

This will leave our male, 1369, alone until the end of September or first week in October when we can get our next female, a 7 year old (1287) from Roger Williams Park Zoo in RI. Hopefully, our new pairing will be successful. In the meantime, when you come to visit you’ll see the male wolf alone- but looking quite handsome as he always does.

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