traveling companions

I was chatting with someone recently about my trip to Ohio to pick up our new red wolf, # 1414.  Afterwards,  I began thinking of what other animals I have shared my vehicle with.  Here’s a partial list of my travel companions over the years. red wolves. Besides the Ohio pick up, last month Aaron and I had our road trip to Atlanta to get #1369 on his plane out to Tacoma.   WV and NY were probably the longest trips, each over 500 miles each direction.Read more

Red Wolf update- 1227 is feisty and strong

I emailed my friend and Red Wolf Contact at the NC  Zoo to see how female red wolf 1227 was doing.  I drove her there on September 8th. (I was kept company on my drive by Volunteer Annie). Below is the email I received from Chris yesterday: She sure is feisty.  She went about 48 hours without eating but now she is eating well and appears to be gaining weight.  We did a quarantine exam on her and she wasRead more

Crazy busy and Goodbye (to a wolf)

Things have been so busy here I don’t even know where to begin. Many staff have been off- (on vacation, at a wedding, at a Bar Mitzvah, presenting at the AAZK conference) and just as we were taking Cassandra off of the critical watch list (she’s been doing great), our female wolf, 1227, was found in bad shape two weeks ago and has been recovering from her injuries off exhibit. (She appears to have suffered some abuse from her mate-Read more

It’s sad to see them go

Yesterday, I took our two red wolves to their new home at the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge has an area that is situated far away from the main road, where there are nicely wooded and grassy holding pens for keeping captive wolves that are currently not being moved to museums or zoos. But our two boys have a greater purpose for being sent to the refuge, because they are known to be good howlers. That might soundRead more