Largest living lemur

Back when people first explored Madagascar there was a 400 lb lemur the size of a gorilla! Unfortunately, due to hunting this species was quickly wiped out. Today the largest living lemur is the Indri.

Indri Lemur


This lemur is two and a half feet in length and typically weighs 13-15 lbs. It’s a diurnal lemur that feeds on canopy fruit and leaves and travels through the tree tops, often leaping 30 feet between tree trunks! They are known for their very distinct songs and sounds. These songs can be heard over a mile away and can last up to 3 minutes at a time.

They live in small family groups of 2-6 individuals. Indri lemurs typically live to be 15-18 years old but can live into their 20’s.

Their reproduction is quite different than other lemurs. Reaching sexual maturity later in life, around ages 7 to 9, as well as having offspring only every 2-3 years equals a low birth rate. With it’s population already low, habitat loss and hunting only add to the dwindling numbers of Indri lemurs. This lemur is very hard to keep in captivity which makes breeding programs hard to come by. This lemur is listed as Endangered.



Indri Lemur

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