The Answers…to my Day with Aaron

You’ve been dying now for a few days to know what the heck the answers are to my AARON QUIZ. Okay- here you go.

  1. Which of the following liquids did Aaron NOT PACK for the trip? Aaron did not pack any creamer. Granted, he never drank his water, Mountain Dew, or even his 5-hour energy.
  2. How many cups of coffee did Aaron drink on the entire trip to Atlanta and back? One. Really, just one, the one he arrived with to work in the morning. I was dumbfounded as well. He did have a Diet Dr. Pepper at lunch and a regular Dr. Pepper for dinner. No ice each time.
  3. Which were the snacks that Aaron packed? Aaron would have made Annie proud, as he packed the crap (pretzels, snickers, m&ms, Twix, skittles, starbursts). Thank goodness for me since I packed the other stuff (carrots, celery, apple, protein bars) and who the heck wants to eat that after sitting in a car hour after hour.
  4. Who called us at 6:45 PM? Museum CFO Debbie May was the caller (I’ll have to do a Spotlight on her soon). She was very disappointed she missed our departure from the Museum- she thought we were leaving at 8:30 and had snacks and car games for us. We left at 8 AM and missed the goodies.
  5. What songs did Aaron sing during the trip? Aaron sang NOTHING for the entire ride. I know the keepers were thinking I would finally get some payback and have to listen to him for at least a little. Not one lick. Actually, you’ll find this hard to believe, but I never even turned the radio on the entire trip. The closest we got to singing was having Aaron text Katy to say that I wouldn’t stop singing and I was horribly off key. We’re such pranksters!
  6. If Aaron were to win $200,000,000 in the lottery, what new profession would he undertake? Aaron wants to be a chef and own his own restaurant. Evidently, many people already know this. Not I though.
  7. When we stopped for lunch Aaron…Ate it and had the exact same meal 7 hours later for dinner. Yes, and I did the same. We are boring. We each at exactly the same thing for lunch and Dinner. The only difference: Aaron had diet/regular Dr. Pepper, and I had diet coke/ caffeine free diet coke.
  8. Approximately what portion of the trip did Aaron drive? Nothing. He didn’t even offer. He refused. (Not really, he offered often, but I was feeling fine and prefer to drive. The last 20 minutes my body did start to feel crappy though).
  9. What TV series is Aaron currently watching with his son(s)? The Mentalist.
  10. What did Aaron do to keep busy for the hour or so we waited around Atlanta for the flight to take off? We stopped and bought the weekly produce for the animals. To be honest, I think Aaron would have preferred to sleep; however, it was killing me to sit and do nothing while we waited. I knew he was tired though when he would not do his “ta-da” pose by the grocery cart for my photo documentation. We talked earlier about going for a run. He said he thought about it but didn’t want to be sweaty for the long ride home.

    I barely got a smile out of Aaron for the photo. He was too tired to give me his usual “ta-da” photo pose.

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  1. kimberly says:

    Good thing he didn’t run Sherry, he would have overused his man perfume! Would have stunk you out of the car!

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