What is this thing? -Answer

The original quiz post is linked here. It’s a chestnut from Lightning’s front leg! Donkeys and Zebras have chestnuts only on the inside of their front legs, while most breeds of horses have them on both front and rear legs. Scientists believe chestnuts are vestigial remnants of toes, wrist pads or scent glands that equine have evolved without. They are areas of thickened skin that painlessly shed a few layers over time. It’s often thought that the skin prints visibleRead more

The Answers…to my Day with Aaron

You’ve been dying now for a few days to know what the heck the answers are to my AARON QUIZ. Okay- here you go. Which of the following liquids did Aaron NOT PACK for the trip? Aaron did not pack any creamer. Granted, he never drank his water, Mountain Dew, or even his 5-hour energy. How many cups of coffee did Aaron drink on the entire trip to Atlanta and back? One. Really, just one, the one he arrived with to workRead more