Raptor Center Road Trip & a Quiz!

Kimberly and I recently took a road trip out to the Carolina Raptor Center in Huntersville, NC to pick up our two new owls. The trip out was uneventful (unlike the ride home) and we got to walk around the facility before crating up our birds for the van ride home.  Here are photos of few of the residents at the Raptor Center. How many raptors can you ID?


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  1. Ranger Greg says:

    I thought at first that #1 was a Black-shouldered Kite (part of the wing looks very dark) and I can’t see the tail which would by white in black-shouldered. Also, B-s Kite is a southwest bird, which I thought would eliminate it, but I see you have two more SW species below.
    From what I can see of bird #1, I’m going to have to go with Mississippi Kite based on the lores and foot color, and I think I can see a tiny bit of a dark tail…
    Bird #2 is Peregrine Falcon.
    Bird #3, Crested Caracara.
    Bird #4, Harris’ Hawk.
    Bird #5, Barn Owl.

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