Bathing Birdies

The other day while I was closing the farmyard, it began to pour. I had to construct a makeshift poncho out of a garbage bag, because I didn’t follow the golden rule of the boy scouts and was unprepared. I stood there for what seemed like an  hour waiting for the duck to go into his stall for the night. Duck, being the duck he is felt it was better to be out in the rain and bathe in hisRead more

Raptor Center Road Trip & a Quiz!

Kimberly and I recently took a road trip out to the Carolina Raptor Center in Huntersville, NC to pick up our two new owls. The trip out was uneventful (unlike the ride home) and we got to walk around the facility before crating up our birds for the van ride home.  Here are photos of few of the residents at the Raptor Center. How many raptors can you ID?Read more

QuiKPic: Raptor handling

I train the keepers and educators to handle our two program raptors. (Misha and Christopher). I’ve completed five weeks of work with Molly, but she still needs to practice. She’s decided to send me a photo every time she take out one of the birds to show me of her commitment.  Way to go Molly!Read more

Birds of Prey

Many people that know me are aware of the fact that I love birds.  I especially like birds of prey and parrots.  Being, that I am a new blogger, I decided to do a few posts about birds.  In this one, I am going to introduce you to Birds of prey and raptors.  All raptors are birds of prey, but not all birds of prey are raptors. Confused?  Well, a raptor is defined as birds that kill prey with itsRead more

Spotlight: Jill Brown

I have been slack on my Spotlight postings, but I will recommit to telling you all about the special people who work in, with, or help the animal department. I’ve  written spotlights on the rest of the keepers, so here’s the last one, or as Jill would say, I saved the best for last. This is Jill.  She’s been a Keeper here for almost five years ( you can wish her a happy anniversary on September 12). Jill loves birds and Boba Fett. She’sRead more