Spotlight: Jill Brown

I have been slack on my Spotlight postings, but I will recommit to telling you all about the special people who work in, with, or help the animal department. I’ve  written spotlights on the rest of the keepers, so here’s the last one, or as Jill would say, I saved the best for last.
This is Jill.  She’s been a Keeper here for almost five years ( you can wish her a happy anniversary on September 12). Jill loves birds and Boba Fett. She’s one of only two keepers who is an approved raptor handler. She has trained and is able to have Misha, our red tail hawk, or Christopher, our program barred owl, sit on her hand and walk around doing programs (or bringing them to the building if a vet check is needed).
Jill is also our primary pig trainer. She is working with Auggie and Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy is sitting, and both pigs are getting really good at COME.  Hopefully Jill will chime in the comment section and let us know what behaviors the pigs have down and what new ones she’s working on with them.
Jill gets teased a lot by the rest of the team about her cheery personality and her messy desk. She can take it though, and dishes it out just the same. When it comes down to the basics though, Jill rarely misses is a day of work, is always on time, and focuses on animals that others don’t . She helps round out our amazing team of Keepers at the Museum.

3 responses to Spotlight: Jill Brown

  1. Wendy says:

    Sherry, what do you do with the bear poop? Seriously – I’ve heard of the benefits of rabbit, sheep, horse manure, but can you put bear poop in your garden? Or would that just attract other bears?

  2. Sherry Samuels says:

    Wendy and others: We add the bear poop to the Museum’s compost pile.

    As far as attracting other bears: I wouldn’t be concenred about attracting bears to my garden unless I lived in bear country and I grew food that bears like to eat.

  3. jebrown says:

    Thanks *blush*
    The pigs are doing great.We are going to start working on “down”.I have also found out that the pigs love to have their ears cleaned which makes it much easier and less stress on the pigs AND keepers to do their job.

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