2013 red wolf SSP meeting

The red wolf SSP meeting took place the end of July. About 20 folks from institutions that house red wolves were able to make it to the meeting.  Becky Bartel, the Assistant Coordinator of the Red Wolf Re3cvoery Program wrote a great post on their Blog about the meeting. I highly recommend checking out their blog ( http://trackthepack.blogspot.com)  for information about the red wolf recovery program and the red wolves that roam free in the wild.

Our two wolves- 1414 & 1287 – will be here again for next breeding season.

We’re really hoping for some puppies as this is really the last chance female 1287 has as she is just about over-the-hill.


Will Waddell makes bets, or bargains, or threats… every year. He’ll do something crazy if a certain pairing of wolves has puppies. This year it’s our pair:

Will Waddell, our fearless leader, says he’ll dance in the streets in a kilt if the wolves at the Museum have puppies!


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