2014 Red Wolf SSP meeting

Besides picking up lemurs last week in Ohio, I also had the Red Wolf SSP planning meeting. Akron Zoo was a wonderful host, and a beautiful Zoo. We talked about so many things that my head is still spinning: information about captive wolves, wild wolves, veterinary research, enrichment, capture and restraint, and so much more. We spent one whole day discussing husbandry issues, such as enrichment and diets. We also saw several videos on different ways to “catch-up” wolves (HenceRead more

2013 red wolf SSP meeting

The red wolf SSP meeting took place the end of July. About 20 folks from institutions that house red wolves were able to make it to the meeting.  Becky Bartel, the Assistant Coordinator of the Red Wolf Re3cvoery Program wrote a great post on their Blog about the meeting. I highly recommend checking out their blog ( http://trackthepack.blogspot.com)  for information about the red wolf recovery program and the red wolves that roam free in the wild. Our two wolves- 1414Read more

Spotlight: Will Waddell

This is Will Waddell. Will is an important person to me (and others too) because he is a big-guy in the world of red wolves. Will is based in Tacoma, Washington at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. He is the Red Wolf SSP Coordinator. Species Survival Plans (SSPs) are programs that take a particular species in peril (typically animals endangered or threatend in the wild) and manage the entire population as one group. Breeding and conservation tend to beRead more