Tales of tongues

The other day I was in the farmyard and talking with Max. Yes, I talk with the animals. They may not understand me when I tell them certain things, but they do recognize commands that are given and I know that they are not able to tell me they are tired of hearing the same stories. When I converse with our steer he tends to lick my arms, hands and anything else I might be holding. It is most likely he is not doing this because I am his awesome caretaker, but he wants to taste the salt that is on my skin. The most surprising thing that a lot of people don’t know is that the texture of Max’s tongue is rough like a cats, the reason for this is most likely grooming. The best part of Max’s tongue is that it has the ability to reach into his nostrils and lick out whatever may be lurking in there. Snot, dirt and boogers included.

The tongue of a giraffe is 18-20 inches! While researching many sources say that it is dark in color to prevent sunburning while it is used to pull leaves off trees

The blue whale possesses the largest tongue. It weighs 2.7 tons  and is rumored to be its predators (orca whales) most desired part to eat.


The anteater has a 2 foot tongue which has very sticky saliva so insects have little chance of escaping and it dines on them.


Snakes can smell by having  a forked tongue that collects particles in the air and brings them into the Jacobson’s organ which can then  detect what they are.


Kent would get mad if I didnt mention the Blue Tongued Skink who flashes his tongue to scare predators away


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