Thanks for the Help

While we’ve been short staffed we’ve enlisted the help of any other Museum staffers who volunteered to lend a hand.

Maureen works her magic in the kitchen.

Maureen, from our Human Resources department, has helped out scooping in the bear yard as well as prepping diets in the Kitchen. I can only assume (or hope) that working with the animal department is WAY more exciting than sitting at her desk doing “human resource” things!  I haven’t convinced her yet to act as a bear as her predecessor did… but I am working on it… maybe encouragement from the readers would help convince her.

We already know we don’t get much help from the folks in the Development office, but Leslie, our Communications Manager, has stepped in. I usually work with Leslie writing press release’s or planning events like Watermelon Day. Last month Leslie and I worked with the US State Department and folks from Vietnam. (Yes, really). Vietnam is producing a variety of videos about conservation efforts for endangered animals and wanted to highlight our Red Wolf conservation efforts.

Leslie’s apron is homemade!










Shawntel, the Director of Guest Experiences, offered up her husband Tony to help- thanks Shawntel. Tony has come to the farmyard to work and his time is much appreciated.


Tony scrubbing down barns in the Farmyard.


It’s really nice to know that many others are more than willing and able to lend a hand when needed. THANKS Leslie, Maureen, and Tony!




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  1. Jill says:

    I think Kent would look super in that apron, should be a requirement.

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