Florence Follow-up

Our storm prep paid off. We were certainly fortunate that FLORENCE turned away from Durham. Most of the days were calm, with bits of rain and wind. Animals that were moved seem to handle the changes well. All Keepers were able to get to work and as the weekend came to an end I thought we had escaped with zero issues. While all is fine now, early Monday morning is when we got our share of the storm. Several inchesRead more

What Excites You- PEEP JOUSTING

I was sitting in a Museum Operations meeting on Tuesday and Debbie said “I’m so excited about the new phone system and changing our fiscal year”. It made me chuckle to think that someone could be excited about the dates of a fiscal year. I know different people find different things exciting so I asked the rest of the group what they found exciting. Here are some of the answers I received. (some answers more silly and some more deepRead more

Thanks for the Help

While we’ve been short staffed we’ve enlisted the help of any other Museum staffers who volunteered to lend a hand. Maureen, from our Human Resources department, has helped out scooping in the bear yard as well as prepping diets in the Kitchen. I can only assume (or hope) that working with the animal department is WAY more exciting than sitting at her desk doing “human resource” things!  I haven’t convinced her yet to act as a bear as her predecessorRead more

Morning Bear Yard Scooping

Sunny, quiet mornings are always the best time, in my opinion, to call in the bears and go scoop poop in the bear yard. This past week, Volunteer Colet and Human Resources Lady, Maureen, put on their grubby sneakers and went in with me. It only takes about an hour to finish scooping and scatter the day’s food around the exhibit. Sometimes, though, we find cool surprises! Meanwhile, in the bear house:     Once we’re done scooping and letRead more