Morning Bear Yard Scooping

Sunny, quiet mornings are always the best time, in my opinion, to call in the bears and go scoop poop in the bear yard. This past week, Volunteer Colet and Human Resources Lady, Maureen, put on their grubby sneakers and went in with me.

It only takes about an hour to finish scooping and scatter the day’s food around the exhibit. Sometimes, though, we find cool surprises!

Colet shows off a caterpillar she found while scooping

Meanwhile, in the bear house:

Gus grows inpatient


Yona waits by the door


Once we’re done scooping and let bears back onto exhibit, it’s always worth hanging around for a few minutes to see what the bears do. This time of year, it can be a bit harder to tell the bears apart if you’re not looking at them head-on. All of the bears have shed out their summer “highlights” and are packing on the pounds for the winter.

Do you know which bear this is?
Scroll down to the next picture for a hint!


Put your guesses in the comment section!


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  1. Sarah Van de Berg says:

    It’s IS Yona bear. The darkness of her face is one of the easier ID clues for her.

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