We just got an awesome new railing installed along the roof of the bear house.   My first time back up on the roof since the new addition was going great, right up to the last scoopful of fruits and nuts. Apparently, my throwing motion needs some trajectory adjustments. At the midpoint of my final throw, the front edge of the feed scoop clipped the top railing and went flipping out of my hand and down into the yard. Oops.Read more

Morning Bear Yard Scooping

Sunny, quiet mornings are always the best time, in my opinion, to call in the bears and go scoop poop in the bear yard. This past week, Volunteer Colet and Human Resources Lady, Maureen, put on their grubby sneakers and went in with me. It only takes about an hour to finish scooping and scatter the day’s food around the exhibit. Sometimes, though, we find cool surprises! Meanwhile, in the bear house:     Once we’re done scooping and letRead more