We just got an awesome new railing installed along the roof of the bear house.

Our new safety railing


My first time back up on the roof since the new addition was going great, right up to the last scoopful of fruits and nuts. Apparently, my throwing motion needs some trajectory adjustments.

At the midpoint of my final throw, the front edge of the feed scoop clipped the top railing and went flipping out of my hand and down into the yard. Oops.

Fortunately, the feed scoops are fairly heavy plastic and the bears had food to keep them occupied. Gus decided to come check out the new toy, but the girls didn’t seem to notice.

Gus checks out the new addition to the yard
Gus and Mimi eat dinner while Yona sits and does Yona things


When Autumn and I call the bears in and go into the yard in a day or two, we’ll pick up the scoop and return it to its rightful place in the chow bucket.

[View from inside the bear house] It’s sooooo close!

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