We just got an awesome new railing installed along the roof of the bear house.   My first time back up on the roof since the new addition was going great, right up to the last scoopful of fruits and nuts. Apparently, my throwing motion needs some trajectory adjustments. At the midpoint of my final throw, the front edge of the feed scoop clipped the top railing and went flipping out of my hand and down into the yard. Oops.Read more

Behind-the-scenes Special Program: Bear Feeding

Every now and then the Museum offers special opportunities for Members to experience some behind-the-scenes aspects of life at the museum. This past Sunday, Animal Department Director Sherry Samuels led an enthusiastic group of parents and children down to the bear exhibit to help feed the bears (I tagged along and took some photos). Normally, visitors are never allowed to feed any of the animals! Each animal has a special diet which must be followed for their health and wellness.Read more

Box Turtle Chowdown

Around the animal department, everyone has little things that they get strange satisfaction from doing. Cassidy enjoys scrubbing really dirty walls and then rinsing them clean. Larry finds satisfaction in the battle of wills involved when picking donkey hooves. Kent enjoys feeding snakes and injecting air into dead mice so that they float for the alligators to eat. Katy always insists on being the one to scoop poop in the wolf yard, and Marilyn always likes to be the oneRead more

EnrichBits: The Office

EnrichBits: A monthly look at animal enrichment So, I was up on the 3rd floor of the museum the other day, where all of our accounting and business operations people work. As I’m walking through, I spot some old office accordion folders in their recycle bin. I grabbed as many as I could carry downstairs; they had to be good for some kind of enrichment! I decided the bears might like to tear them up while looking for bits ofRead more

Creature Feature: Ball Python #1

Snakes are undoubtedly one of the most feared animals in the world (although several African cultures revere Ball Pythons as being sacred). Still, more often than not snakes are seen as terrifying pests, which is exactly why I chose Ball Python #1 to be the animal highlighted in this month’s Creature Feature. Ball Python #1 is a gentle 5 foot long female who weighs almost 6 lbs. and has been at the museum since 1993. She was found in someone’sRead more