New Interns are here

Our interns for the semester arrived on Wednesday. Welcome Jillian and Katherine. They go by Jill and Katie which is very confusing since we already have a Jill and Katy in the department. Nickname suggestions are welcomed!

Jillian and Katherine join our team for the semester

We get first year students from the Zoo and Aquarium Science program at Davidson County Community College and we love having the work with us.

Jillian and Katherine and Katherine learn how to fill out the logbooks on day 1.


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  1. Katy says:

    Since Aaron calls Jill Sunshine, Mike suggested I be Moonshine! My brother calls me Blondie and I’m not sure I can say on here what my Grandma used to call me. Or Dr. V calls me Katy Lou. Aaron likes to call me Katya or Radar. Any of those work???

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