Last week’s snow

It’s been so busy I haven’t had time to share photos with you. Some places at the Museum had as much as 3 inches of snow, and we were closed on Wednesday.

We staged 20 shovels and 4 push brooms so as staff arrived they could get to work clearing paths and steps.
No surprise that Donald showed up as regularly scheduled

Aaron and I noticed lots of tracks in the snow in the wolf yard. Sorry, no photos as I couldn’t hold a camera, broom, pool skimmer (to break the ice and remove it from the pool), food, and bucket.

The female wolf seemed fine in the snow
Not sure what he is looking at. Right before this photo he had peed on some food.


All the bears were in their usual winter  spots. Yona would not get out of bed to get her treatments (Cosequin, vitamin supplements, and a de-wormer). I honestly sat their (yup, on a rock after clearing off the snow) for almost 15 minutes. Luckily for me Virginia came over huffed and stomped at Yona who got up and ran out of bed.

Virginia Chasing Yona out of bed.


Yona stomping back as Virginia left.

Sorry, no photos of the farmyard- maybe next snow.


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