Safety First!

I was going through my locker and realized that I have a LOT of work gloves; some of them weren’t even in there!

Can you figure out what these gloves are all for?


Just because I think it’s funny, here’s a photo of my brown leather glove from up top sitting on Kent’s version of the same glove! I don’t have the smallest hands in the department, but Kent’s glove makes my hands seem tiny.


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  1. Sarah Van de Berg says:

    The brown leather glove is a gauntlet we use when we’re handling our manned raptors (birds trained to sit on a glove and do programs). Gray mechanics are my old hay stacking gloves (worn the finger tips right off them!). Black mechanics are the replacements to the gray. The long, black leather glove is Kevlar lined and used for working around the wolves. The red, Carhartt gloves are my winter work gloves (and I love them!). The long sleeve is Kevlar and we use them if we might need extra arm protection when we’re handling an animal.

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