Safety First!

I was going through my locker and realized that I have a LOT of work gloves; some of them weren’t even in there! Can you figure out what these gloves are all for?   Just because I think it’s funny, here’s a photo of my brown leather glove from up top sitting on Kent’s version of the same glove! I don’t have the smallest hands in the department, but Kent’s glove makes my hands seem tiny.  Read more

More drawings from Sherry

Blog readers know that I am artistically challenged. (click here, or here to see some other wonderful drawings of mine). This drawing  (it’s a glove, or a hand) went up on the board a few months ago. I asked Volunteer Dan to go through our work glove box. I wanted him to make pairs, as well as get rid of any gloves that he deemed unusable. (too holey, too stiff, too…) Kent and Elaina thought the number of gloves thatRead more