Medicating the Bears

Every animals takes their medication differently. A few years ago, Jill made a post about how we get some of our animals to take their meds.

Recently, we had Leslie out in Explore the Wild taking photos of some of our exhibits and she just happened to catch Janine and me giving our bears their dewormer. Just like your pets at home get prophylactic dewormers (medication that is intended to prevent parasites), we do the same for our animals here at the museum. Fortunately for us, the bears are pretty happy to take theirs in some watered down syrup, straight out of the syrup bottle.

Janine and Sarah pull up and measure the medication for the black bears and mix it with syrup durham, nc
Janine and I pull up the medication and mix it into some watered down syrup while Virginia looks on, slightly impatiently.
Janine gives Virginia black bear her dewormer in syrup bottle durham, nc
Janine makes sure Virginia gets all of her meds. The note by Janine’s knees tells us how much medication goes to each bear.
Sarah gives Yona black bear her medicine in syrup durham, NC
Me and Yona having a bit of a chat over her dewormer.


Leslie even got a short video of Virginia lapping up her syrup and medication mixture. It’s pretty darn cute.

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