Medicating the Bears

Every animals takes their medication differently. A few years ago, Jill made a post about how we get some of our animals to take their meds. Recently, we had Leslie out in Explore the Wild taking photos of some of our exhibits and she just happened to catch Janine and me giving our bears their dewormer. Just like your pets at home get prophylactic dewormers (medication that is intended to prevent parasites), we do the same for our animals hereRead more

Having fun with Bear Enrichment

Enriching the lives of our animals is a daily task for us keepers. When I have the time, I like to be a little more creative with my enrichment ideas. The other day I decided to put a table and four chairs into the bear side yard. I carefully picked out the tallest chair for Gus and the shortest chair for Yona. Mimi and Virginia received similar sized chairs. To entice them to actually check out my creation, I wroteRead more