QuikPic: Three Katyies

I’m sitting in my office taking on a rest on this snow day– I’ll have to post about today another day when I have more energy and time. In the meantime, I came across the photo below and it made me smile, just as I did when I took the picture.

We’ve got a lot of people named Katee ( I have a friend who spells her name that way) at the Museum. The three I spend the most time with happened to be on the animal support hall all at the same time- I couldn’t resist:

  • On the left, Katy Harringer. We call her VET-KATY
  • In the middle, Katie Weeks. We call her SUMMER-CAMP-KATIE
  • On the right, Katie Hubbard. We call her KEEPER-KATIE

Katy H, Katie W, and Katie H on the animal hall

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