What you missed while we’ve been gone

A lot has happened during the 11 months we’ve been gone from blogging. I’ll be making several posts regarding some items to share with you from 2016.

To start of with, in September we received some funding that allowed us to expand the alpaca yard. (in August 2015 we were able to grow it a little, but this time we added much more space). In less than one week, a few trees came down, the fence was moved back, mulch was added, and walla, presto-chango a new bigger yard for the girls. Within seconds of the alpacas having access for the first time, this is what happened to the two random shrubs we left in:

We knew the shrubs would not last, and specifically left them in with the intent of destruction. I believe the below photo is what the shrubs looked like later the same day. Thanks to Sarah for the video and photo!

Retro alpaca sits to right of shredded bushes


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