Alpacas ready for summer

Come check out our newly sheared alpacas. They get sheared every April, and Thursday was a perfect day for everyone for our annual event. Jonathan, our Shearer, has been shearing alpacas and llamas for about 25 years. We’ve got first cuts of fleece for sale if you are interested in purchasing. The money raised is used to buy enrichment items for the farmyard.Read more

What you missed while we’ve been gone

A lot has happened during the 11 months we’ve been gone from blogging. I’ll be making several posts regarding some items to share with you from 2016. To start of with, in September we received some funding that allowed us to expand the alpaca yard. (in August 2015 we were able to grow it a little, but this time we added much more space). In less than one week, a few trees came down, the fence was moved back, mulchRead more

Christmas 2016

So, I arrive this Christmas without any issues at all- waking before my alarm and remembering to pack some food. The Keepers have left me some notes: Compared to Christmas 2015, there are a few primary differences I notice right off the bat: I am using a smart phone this year to take pictures… no more flip phone for me. I set the logbooks up on the Vet Room table rather than the counter- apparently sitting is a desire thisRead more

QuikPic: Alpaca yard expansion

I was going through the photos on my phone and found this one. We expanded the alpaca yard in August and the girls immediately went and starting eating the tree. No longer any grass, or the bottom half of the tree in this area any more.  Read more

Christmas 2015

You know the deal. Advance prep for the day: Review all the log books and check in with Keepers about any specific things to note. CHECK Christmas present for Security Guard. CHECK Headlamp and tasty food for me on desk and ready. CHECK New batteries in Camera. CHECK   All’s ready for the day.   5:00 AM arrival with the only issue being I startled the security guard. I arrive set to have no escapes, even though Sarah commented itRead more

Snow Day

The weather could have been worse for sure, and we didn’t lose power, but I am a bit tired from the day. I was up way too early, and got to the Museum around 5 this morning. It was just me as it turns out, and had I been prepared for it to be “Christmas” things would have been better.  Thank goodness it was dark, because I am sure I looked silly in my long black gloves, brown hip waders, headRead more