Waiting is hard– but worth it, as Friday morning was an amazing day.

Keepers Katie and Autumn heard squeaking in the morning and saw three pups in the front den. We let the female be to see if more were coming– and they did!! 6 total puppies 3 males and 3 females.

Here’s the first picture we took:

pile of newborn red wolf pups

To check them out, we work quickly and pull everyone out of the den. Weigh them, give them a good look over, and then put them back and leave.

6 pups during their first check

I assume pictures are better than words, so here are some pictures. The current coloring and chest markings will go away, but it will help with identification the first few weeks. Enjoy the pictures– we’ll be posting more information over the coming weeks. Pups won’t really move from the den for three weeks. In the meantime, mom stays with them in the den, leaving occasionally to eat, and dad stays very close by typically high on the cliff ledge. He’s been giving food to the female for several weeks and that will continue. Both parents are doing well too.

Female. 397 grams
Female. 383 grams
Male. 431 grams
Male. 346 grams
Male. 323 grams
Female. 382 grams
Katy checks one of the pups
one of the pups get weighed
half of our new crew



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  1. Sam Bland says:

    Are these wild red wolf pups from an adult pair in the wild or in captivity?

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      These pups were born in captivity, to captive parents, in Durham NC

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