Pupdate #2

A few pictures of the pups from the past two days.

This morning, the foot of #2, female, is still an issue, and we’re still very attentive to it. The other four pups were in pretty good shape. All five gained more weight… as expected. More vocalization and more movement today too. We spent a greater proportion of today’s check-in changing gloves and wiping off pup-poop from gloves, pants, paperwork, and pups.

Our Exhibits Team got a den camera up and running, so we’ve been able to see in the den today. Many staff and guests were able to watch the pups a bit with mother, nursing, sleeping… Hopefully mom and the pups will stay in the front den so we can keep watching them!

red wolf pup in hands
Pup #3 continues to be the largest- his belly was very full at this morning’s weigh-in. 739 grams

Compare yesterday’s “pups in container” to this morning’s “pups in container” and let us know what you think:

five red wolf pups in a container
May 3rd container of 5 pups


May 4th pups in container


red wolf pup in hand
one of the pups at the May 3rd check
pup #6- female, on May 3rd



4 responses to Pupdate #2

  1. Camp Katie says:

    They are growing SO FAST!!!! Holy guacamole!!

    They’re starting to look like real puppies rather than fuzzy pup blobs.

    • Marilyn says:

      Perhaps that could be the way the sun was hitting them or a different camera?

      • Sherry Samuels says:

        yes, the sun was different and a different camera was used Marilyn. The pups are longer and heavier…

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