Pupdate #4

Dr. Vanderford checks out a pup

Dr. Vanderford checked the pups out Monday. The four pups are bigger– they’ve all gained about the same percentage of weight (33-37%), which means that our big one (#3) is much bigger than our small one (#5).  These males weighed in at 1,016 grams and 759 grams Monday morning. The females, #2 and #6, were at 875 grams and 932 grams.

Some photos to follow which show some of the abrasion issues we pay close attention to, along with #2 pup’s healing wound on her foot. All the wounds may seem subtle, but these issues can lead to systemic infections and death.

By the end of this week the pups’ eyes should be open. Soon after, their color should start to lighten and their snouts should start to look a little more like a wolf.

We’ll keep you posted, along with getting back to sharing other things that are going on in the animal department.

4 red wolf pups in container
Our four pups pretty much fill the container!


red wolf pup #2
the wound on her left paw is granulating and healing well.

Pup #3 and #6 have similar healing wounds on their front dewclaw(s). Check out the pictures below and see if you can see what we’re talking about.

pup #3

Finally, here’s a little view of what our work station looks like. The area we work in is behind the dens. It’s a fairly flat, mostly-poison-ivy-free area. We bring in a 2’x4′ flat surface to work on. This ensures our scale will be flat and get us a good accurate weight. We have a couple tool boxes with our equipment and medicines and a couple of containers for pups. The space works well- for now at least.

Katy and Dr. Vanderford work on a pup, while Sarah keeps the pups already checked out warm on her lap. (Sarah’s lap is filled with bedding from the den).

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