Pupdate #5

4 red wolf pups being held
May 11- hard to hold all four. Notice #3 on the left. He’s easy to identify with his shorter left ear.

Here’s the Thursday morning report. Note that this will be the last report for a week or more, so take it all in.

The four pups look good this morning. They are fuzzier today- only one on Monday was starting to get fuzzy.

In addition to being fuzzier, their coloring is starting to lighten and as you can see in the pictures their snouts are starting to grow. They actually look like some sort of canid now. Pup #3 may be the oldest as his eyes are starting to open. Or, Pup #3 and Pup # 6 are the heaviest maybe eye-opening has to do with size?

Picture of just three below in our usual bucket. The bucket won’t work after another week or so

three red wolf pups in container
just three pups in our bucket

See Identification photos below

red wolf pup in hand
Pup #2- wound is looking good on the bottom. She weighed 1,119 grams today.
her foot wound is looking great.
Pup #6. She weighs 1,239 grams… that’s about 2.75 pounds. Her dewclaws look better today. Only one needed medicine.


red wolf pup in hand
#5 close up. Weight of 990 grams today.
red wolf pup in hand
Pup #5 is still the smallest, but he’s gaining weight at a similar percentage as his siblings.
red wolf pup in hand
Pup # 3- eyes starting to open. He’s still the biggest weighing in at 1,266 grams
red wolf pup with mouth open in hand
We think Pup #3 is going to be a handful. He was very “spunky” today. He started to wiggle and yip at us when we tried to look at his ear.

four red wolf pups in hand



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  1. Katie Weeks says:

    They look like puppies now!! I can’t wait to learn about all their different personalities once they open their eyes and start moving around!

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