Pupdate #12

four 6-week old red wolf pups being held
14+ Kgs of pups (over 32 pounds).

June 12 hands on check of the 6-week old pups is complete. There were two pups in each den rather than them all being together in one location. One in each den honkered-down while one in each den tried to scramble away. We transported them in the large net and did our work in the side cage area much like last time we did hands-on.


A few things to report:

First, weights. Everyone is still gaining weight, and while the largest pup is still the largest there are a few differences to report on this weigh-in. Pup #3 weighed 4.1 Kg today. This is a 46% increase from the last weigh in. Pup #5, the other male, gained 60% since the last weigh in and now is the second largest at 3.85 Kg. Pup #6 is up 46% in weight, which is the rate she has been gaining at and now weighs 3.65 Kg. Finally pup #2 (remember, our pup with the toe issue) is our smallest at 3.05 Kg. She’s up 33% from the last weigh-in, which is the low end of normal.

red wolf pup getting weighed
Pup # 5 gets weighed
red wolf pup in container on scale
Pup #2 getting weighed

Besides weighing, everyone got the once-over:  listening to the heart, checking the eyes and ears and between the toes… They all have teeth now. Everyone got their second round of dewormer too.


Dr. Vanderford looks in red wolf pup mouth
pup # 3 seems not so keen on opening his mouth


red wolf pup being held and checked by veterinarian
Dr. Vanderford gets a heart rate while Janine holds the pup still
Dr. Vanderford looks in the eye of a red wolf pup
Pup #3 gets his eyes checked
stethoscope on chest of red wolf pup
Pup # 5 gets his heart listened to

Finally, we had an issue with Pup #6 over the weekend. On Saturday she was limping. We caught her up to check her out. (Catching her was a bit more challenging than usual since she was in one of the dug-out spots on the cliff face. We’ll talk “cliff dens” in a future post). Her right front foot up to her elbow was swollen, and she had two small pin prick wounds between her toes. It’s very possible she was bitten by a copperhead, or was stung by another insect… we’ll never know. The toes were cleaned, antibiotics were given, along with pain meds and other medicine to help with a possible allergic reaction. All in all, it could have been much worse. She limped around Saturday and Sunday in between lots of sleeping and some eating. Today, the leg looked great. Swelling was down and the joints seemed stable.


red wolf pup gets foot checked
Pup # 6 gets her left foot checked
red wolf pup being held and checked by veterinarian
Sarah holds pup #6 so Dr. Vanderford can reassess her leg. IT LOOKS GREAT!



four people each holding a red wolf pup
From left to right, pup # 6, 5, 3, 2. Can you name who is holding each pup?

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