Keeper Appreciation Week

The third week in July is National Zoo Keeper Week. I think of it as Keeper Appreciation Week. There’s all sorts of days throughout the year to honor workers (Boss’s Day is October 16, May 22 honors those in the Accounting profession, Postal Worker day in July 1… the list goes on and on).

The Keepers give their all to care for the animals at the Museum. Unfortunately, the animals cannot say “thanks”, so it’s our job to make this week extra special for the Keepers. Leave a comment for them on this blog post, say hi and thanks if you come by the Museum this week, or head to the Wish List to send them a goody.

I consider myself very fortunate to work with such a dedicated group of professionals. They care for each other and the animals in ways that would make anyone proud.

three keepers in office
Janine, Sarah, and Katie


Katy and Aaron having fun clipping nails on one of our ferrets.


each Keeper holding a red wolf pup
Autumn, Sarah, Janine, and JIll sticker with pup # is on each Keeper’s right shoulder.
Autumn and Katy in waders and rain gear
Autumn and Katie

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