Pupdate #16

A few photos of the pups from July 3 taken by a friend of mine. The pups were just over nine weeks old when the photos were taken– and adorable (in my opinion).

3 red wolf pups
11 week old red wolf pups. Three snuggled high on the cliff


2 red wolf pups
two of the pups walking through brush on the cliff face
2 red wolf pups walking through grasses
pups moving through grasses on the cliff face. They disappear when they stop and sit.
red wolf pup with rat in mouth
a rat pup snack for a wolf pup


three red wolf pups
big yawn from our big pup


one red wolf pup sits

red wolf pup
Pup #3 walks out of one of the poison ivy patches

2 responses to Pupdate #16

  1. Kristin Young says:

    Great photos! Does poison ivy bother the puppies skin? How is the puppy’s foot doing who might have gotten bitten by a snake?

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      The pups seem totally fine- no issue with the pup’s foot Kristin.
      As for poison ivy, it’s no issues for the pups… but when we pick up the pups WE need to be careful!

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