QuikPics: NY Wolf Family

I’ve been too busy to even sit at my desk —  sorry there have been no Blog posts recently.

With that said, the following two photos were sent to me so I am sharing with you. Both are of the wolves we sent to NY. You can watch the wolves on a live webcam if you want.

3 red wolves resting
Ro sent me this sweet photo of three members of the family curled up sleeping from just a couple of days ago.


red wolves eat deer
Rebecca Bose, Curator at WCC, sent me this photo of some of the family members eating a meal. Pretty cool (I think).



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  1. Susan says:

    No doubt, I miss the wolf family, but seeing them on the webcam has made it easier. It was snowing so hard Saturday night up in NY (12/9/2017) and you could see all 4 wolf pups and at least 1 adult in the den. Earlier in the day, they were all running around enjoying their first snow. No wonder they are sound asleep in the den. Another big adventure for the wolf pups.

  2. Kim Hensley says:

    Thank you for the updates, and pictures. Many of that support the Museum of Life and Science, and the Wolf Conservation Center are following the blogs- please keep them coming! We eagerly await the next one – and would love to hear more about Moose and Cary.

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